Why Should You Care?

Corporate Employee

Do some research on your company and let us know the facts.  How much more does your CEO make than you?  What benefits do your CEO and corporate execs have and how do they compare to yours? How much have they spent to buy favor from our government?  Have they shipped any Jobs overseas?  How much did they pay in taxes over the last 5 years?  How much has the value of your home gone down or have you been foreclosed upon? 

From "WHO WE ARE".  We believe that the role corporations play in a thriving economy is critical. Corporations have provided the fuel and ingenuity which have brought great prosperity to our country. What we are against is corporations being considered "natural persons" and having the same rights as "We The People". We are also against the utilization of corporate designation to shield CEO's and Executive boards from legal liability when they actively pursue a course of profit at the expense of the common good of "We the People". (For example; Shipping jobs overseas, campaigning against Medicare, limiting workers rights to organize, polluting the environment in a manner which compromises the health of persons or communities, petroleum industry making record profits via influence of and protection by of our government.)