Why Should You Care?

Home Owners

Have you notice how the value of your home has gone down tremendously over the last several years. Here is why. 

"14.6 million homeowners owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth, and nearly half of them are underwater by more than 30 percent. At present, 3.5 million homes are in some stage of foreclosure. Nearly six million borrowers have already lost their homes in the bust.  In all, prices have declined 33 percent since the peak of the market five years ago, for a total loss of home equity of $6.6 trillion." (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/22/)

The banking industry knowingly gave loans to people who they knew could not afford the payments.  Next, they packaged these loans up in a bundle and took them to market stating they were a high quality product for investors to buy.  They put so much lipstick on this pig that it didn't even look like a pig any more, it actually looked like a golden goose.  Then they put a big "A rating" on it which says to investors that it is one of the best kinds of investments.  This goose looked so good many people came out to buy a piece of it, even some other bankers were fooled. Then, low and behold, the golden goose laid no eggs, it just took a big shit, oddly enough the turd that came out was shaped more like pig poo and not goose poo.  The bankers sat back on their big stack of money and gave bonuses to all those "High Talent" individuals who helped them in their scam and they all went and played a round of golf.    So that the economy didn't crash, We The People, came to the rescue of the bankers in the form of bailouts!  It is good to have paid for favors in advance and to have your former CEO's sitting in Washington DC.

So, if you have no home because of these thieves then it is rather simple.  If you still own you home you realize, for most Americans the largest investment they have, it is worth much less than it was before!