Why Should You Care?


Wealth is like matter, it can neither be created or destroyed!  So all the money went from somewhere to somewhere!  The fact is that there are three markets, 1) Open markets such as Wall Street in which we can invest, 2) Preveleged markets such as the "DC Easy" which is the pool of money that the Americans, and a few corporations, pay in taxes and this money subsequently gets spent by the government in various ways, 2) The international

Capitalism and the "Free Market" only works when there is a level playing field.  This is possible only if both opportunity and information are made available to investors in an   When insider trading is the norm and we the common investor are always the last to know and left picking up the scraps we feel that this is unethical.  When large investment firms utilize techniques such as rapid sequence trading, where they electronically determining what the maximum price people will pay for an asset, and then sell based on that knowledge this gives them an unfair advantage.  It is like going to purchase a car and the dealer knowing how much you have, and are willing, to spend before entering negotiations.  We are against the revolving door of employment between Wall Street and Capitol Hill which fosters corruption of our government and promotes favoritism for Wall Street over Main Street.