Why Should You Care?


Realize that this is a brand that has been utilized to divide, distract and exploit you.  There are very few pure liberals or conservatives.  For instance, a person may consider themselves to be conservative because they have strong opinions on the Pro-Life verses Pro-Choice debate.  This same person may believe that marijuana should be legalized or that stem cell research is acceptable which fit more with a liberal ideology.  Liberals may also be Pro-Choice but feel that the we should teach creationism in schools and that we should be able to have and carry as many guns as we can afford.  Here is the problem, by branding us as Democrat, Republican, Conservative and Liberal we can easily be divided based on our differences.  The truth is that if we just sat down and talked to our neighbors and community members we would discover that these differences are minor compared to all that we have in common.  This, "the common good" is what this country was founded on.  It is time for us to set aside these labels and our differences and AMEND NOW!

It is a fundamental truth that both liberal and conservative values and ideologies were important components in constructing the constitution.  In addition that both are necessary to insure our ongoing success.  Fundamentally speaking conservative values, when functional, promote appropriate contemplation and evaluation prior to departing from the status quo and our societies core values.  When dysfunctional, conservative values prevent a society from being innovative and competitive.   Liberal values, when functional, promote exploration and innovation which allow us to advance our society.   When dysfunctional, liberalism can allow a society to stray too rapidly from its core values, or explore without adequate consideration or knowledge necessary to avoid disastrous ramifications doing so.   A balance between these has enabled us to push forward at a steady pace and do so without doing so in with the appropriate foresight wisdom.