Who We Are

Amend Now is a movement launched by ordinary American citizens to reclaim our government from excessive corporate and wealth-based influence. We are not affiliated with any one political party or ideology; we are a group of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike who have been inspired by the ideals and warnings of the Founding Fathers of this nation. It is our belief that “We the People” have not only the ability, but also the responsibility to address the corruption of--and misuse of power by--our elected officials.

The men and women who fought for the independence of this country did so in opposition to a tyrannical British aristocracy. After two hundred plus years the aristocracy now wears a different crown and come in the form of Wall Street Banking CEO's, Big Oil Moguls, and War Profiteers. We are not fooled! The goal of this tiny fraction of the population, the amassing of wealth and power, has been more successful than at any other time in history.

As this group continues to gain control of the wealth and resources of our country, they have used the age old strategy of divide and conquer. "We the People" have been pitted against each other, and our differences have been emphasized and exploited. Using labels such as “Democrats”, “Republicans”, “Independents”, “Conservatives” and “Liberals”, this new ruling class has left us to fight amongst ourselves while they hijack our Democracy.

The wealthy, via corporate bodies and protections, have insidiously shaped constitutional interpretation to their favor and have purchased great influence over our elected officials through lobbying and unbridled campaign contributions.

  • Whereas the Founding Fathers of this great nation, The United States of America, had the foresight to warn of the insidious dismantling of the constitution and redistribution of prosperity by the wealthy and special interests via corruption of the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of our government, and have made provision to rectify such, We The People come now, to insist that all of government officials elected and/or appointed by those elected, by the people for the people, immediately:
    • dissolve all corporate ties
    • reveal all financial interests
    • provide documentation of all campaign donations and monies that could influence elections in any way, including donor names
    • reconcile any and all conflicts of interest.
    To this end, we are proposing a modern day revolution to take back the American Dream in a peaceful manner. The enemies in this revolution are not people, but greed and power gluttony. The weapons of this revolution will be ballots and not bullets.  The only goal of this revolution is to bring into being the 28th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. This amendment, entitled the "Peoples Protection and Corporate Accountability Amendment", and its goals are as follows:
    • Remove the temptation of our elected officials to pursue any course other than that which is for the common good of the people.
    • Prevent corporations or foreign entities from corrupting elections
    • Limit corporate access to our government, making transparent all conflicts of interest, conflicts which might provide benefit to any corporate or foreign entity over the interests of “We the People”
    • Impose the separation of Corporate and State
    • Eliminate the potential for our government to be utilized as a vehicle by which either elected or appointed officials serve their own interests over those of their constituents
    • Eliminate the potential for our government to be utilized as a vehicle for corporations or the wealthy to amass wealth at the expense of the common good
    • Insure adequate transparency and disclosure to facilitate the aforementioned goals and to prevent any course contrary to such.  

The "Peoples Protection and Corporate Accountability Amendment" would achieve these goals in part by addressing past Supreme Court decisions which have allowed:

  • Money to be equal to free speech.
  • Corporations to be considered as "Natural Persons" and have the same rights as we the people.
  • Corporations to spend limitlessly to influence elections.
  • Foreign countries, corporations and persons to contribute unanimously and to influence our elections.

Amend Now is not affiliated with any political party or organization. We believe that the time has come for all Americans to unite around our shared and common values. We believe that the time has come for all Americans to stand together and be heard in order to rectify the injustices and corruption created by the free reign of greed and power gluttony which have infiltrated our government.

If you believe that the common good should outweigh the good of special interests and corporations, then you too can help us fight to Amend Now!